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Brought together by our love for cycling, strives to design and manufacture the world’s highest performing cycling componentry. Underpinned by quality craftsmanship, and a desire be at the forefront of
innovation, we exist to propel cycling forward. In short, we’re all about uncompromised engineering for
uncompromised performance.

We believe as a young company, we’ve only touched the surface in terms of innovation. Our minds are brimming with ideas, and leading technology that can drive all aspects of system level bicycle performance.

We have lofty goals of being a significant advanced manufacturing employer in Australia. We also aspire to do it right for our people. We want others to pursue working for us because we put our people first via leadership pathways, supporting to achieve, as well as embracing creativity, and ensuring work remains meaningful. We do all of this within the confines of an environmentally and socially responsible framework.

Thanks to everyone that have helped us and purchased our products.

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