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Production Process Internship

Reports to - Head of Production
Proposed Start - As soon as possible

Preferred discipline - Mechanical (Undergrad 3rd or 4th year)

Please send your application to

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Key tasks:

- Assist in updating document registers and control systems.
- Assist engineers in establishing systems and process for the
monitoring and interpretation of product quality data.
- Contribution to documentation that communicates production
process to operators.
- Assist the production managers and co-ordinators in interpreting
engineering instruction into processes.
- Contribute to the creation of maintenance and process documents.
- Work with engineers in documenting and creating visual guides for
new machines and technology applications.


Key Skills

- Strong written communication and computer word processing skills.
- Good attention to detail required, especially in the structuring of
written reports and documents.
- Interest in product manufacturing/high end products.
- We can structure the internship to suit the students engineering work
placement unit requirements.
- No engineering experience necessary.


Key Attributes

-A willingness to be part of a team.
- Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
- Honesty and reliability.


Intake and Length

- Unpaid for 12-week internship.
- Full time or part time would suit.
- Strong probability of ongoing paid work (flexible part time/full time)
for outstanding candidates.

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