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Meet the R Series. The stiffest, lightest, fastest, sexiest disc wheels on the planet. And comfortable enough to ride everyday.

Think class-leading stiffness-to-weight ratio, the pinnacle of tech in terms of engineering and materials, and a very classy aesthetic. 


Incredibly responsive and balanced in and out of the saddle, insanely fast while possessing an innate ability to deal with nasty crosswinds. And they have an uncanny knack of feeling completely integrated with your frame set, something customers come back and tell us time and time again. 


Disc and tubeless ready – we've designed the R Series to meet Mavic's UST Road Tubeless Standard to give you the ultimate in safety, reliability and ease of fitting new tyres.


Finally, we know that both riders and requirements differ from person to person. What feels stiff for a 80kg powerhouse will likly be too stiff for a 55kg climber. Identifying this, we offer the same lively and stable performance in both Stiff or Compliant configurations.

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